Personal Testimony

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9/20/2021 Sister Cindy Wong – Read the Bible and learn to be humble Play Audio
9/17/2021 Sister Yuxiu Su – Omniscient god Play Audio
9/16/2021 Sister Vivian Yang – I understand the love of God Play Audio
9/14/2021 Sister Jennifer – Become the dwelling place of Jehovah Play Audio
9/13/2021 Sister Vicki Chang – Being a Vessel in God’s Hand in a Hard Environment Play Audio
8/20/2021 Sister Esther Lee – This god is trustable Play Audio
6/21/2021 Sister Yuxiu Su – I understood more of Jesus after studying Jeremiah Play Audio
6/18/2021 Sister Jennifer K – Hope in a Hopeless Time Play Audio
6/16/2021 Sister Zhang Yuping : lessons learned from Jeremiah
Sister Vicki Chang : What I learned fromn the Book of James
Elder Ephraim Pang : It is a blessing to prepare for leading a Bible study
Brother Eddie Kuan : I enjoy leading a Bible study
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Play Audio (Sister Vicki Chang)
Play Audio (Elder Ephraim Pang)
Play Audio (Brother Eddie Kuan)
6/16/2021 Sister Jean Teng Play Audio
6/15/2021 Brother Hua-Mei Chen – Fear God and keep his commandments Play Audio
6/14/2021 Sister Cindy Wong – Five elements of true repentance Play Audio
5/31/2021 張遠梅姊妹 sharing – The words of the Lord always live in me Play Audio
5/27/2021 Elder David Wu’s sharing – Obeying God is bound to be blessed Play Audio
5/12/2021 Elder David Wu’s sharing – Nothing is impossible in God Play Audio
4/22/2021 Sister Jennifer Kao
Brother Thomas Hsu
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4/2/2021 Sister Elaine Shaw Play Audio
4/1/2021 Sister Vicki Chang Play Audio
3/31/2021 Sister Fangyan Deng Play Audio
3/30/2021 Sister Jennifer Kao Play Audio
3/29/2021 Sister Jean Teng Play Audio
3/26/2021 蘇玉秀姊妹 Play Audio
3/17/2021 Brother Hua-Mei Chen Play Audio
3/8/2021 Sister Esther Lee Play Audio
2/26/2021 徐輝姊妹 Play Audio
1/4/2021 Sister Vivian Yang Play Audio