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Date Speaker Message Title & Outline Audio file
6/23/2024 Elder David Lee Spirit-led Living Play Audio
6/16/2024 Rev. Tom He I Believe in Eternal Life Play Audio
6/9/2024 Rev. Tom He I Believe in the Resurrection of the Body Play Audio
6/2/2024 Rev. Tom He I Believe in the Forgiveness of Sins Play Audio
5/26/2024 Elder Tony Ng Overcoming Grumbling Play Audio
5/19/2024 Rev. Tom He I Believe in the Holy Catholic Church Play Audio
5/12/2024 Rev. Tom He I Believe in the Holy Spirit Play Audio
5/5/2024 Elder David Lee Spirit vs Flesh Play Audio
4/28/2024 Elder David Wu The Work of the Holy Spirit Play Audio
4/21/2024 Rev. Tom He The Core of Our Belief Play Audio
4/14/2024 Rev. Tom He I Believe (2) Play Audio
4/7/2024 Rev. Tom He Faithful Servant Play Audio
3/31/2024 Rev. Tom He I Believe Play Audio
3/24/2024 Elder David Lee The Paraclete Play Audio
3/17/2024 Rev. Tom He The Full Armor of God (2) Play Audio
3/10/2024 Rev. Tom He The Full Armor of God Play Audio
3/3/2024 Elder Tony Ng Overcoming Worry Play Audio
2/25/2024 Rev. Tom He Be Strong Play Audio
2/18/2024 Elder David Wu A Messianic Psalm Play Audio
2/11/2024 Elder David Lee Getting to Know the Holy Spirit Play Audio
2/4/2024 Rev. Tom He Servant and Master Play Audio
1/28/2024 Rev. Tom He Parent-child Relationship Play Audio
1/21/2024 Pastor Shen Christ-centered Mission Play Audio
1/14/2024 Rev. Tom He As Christ Loved the Church Play Audio
1/7/2024 Rev. Tom He Be Filled by the Holy Spirit (2) Play Audio
12/31/2023 Rev. Tom He Be Filled by the Holy Spirit Play Audio
12/24/2023 Rev. Tom He The Sign of Christmas Play Audio
12/17/2023 Rev. Tom He Walk In Light Play Audio
12/10/2023 Elder Tony Ng Overcoming Envy Play Audio
12/3/2023 Rev. Tom He Walk in Love Play Audio
11/26/2023 Rev. Tom He Christian View of Work Play Audio
11/19/2023 Rev. Tom He Guard my Mouth Play Audio
11/12/2023 Rev. Tom He Put Off the Old Man, and Put On the New Man Play Audio
11/5/2023 Rev. Tom He The Body Grows Play Audio
10/29/2023 Rev. Tom He Grow In Unity Play Audio
10/22/2023 Brother Robert Wong Take Root Below, Bear Fruit Above Play Audio
10/15/2023 Rev. Tom He Worthy Play Audio
10/8/2023 Pastor Xiao Yuan Count the Cost Play Audio
10/1/2023 Elder David Wu I Want to Be Able to See Play Audio
9/24/2023 Elder David Lee Footsteps of the Antichrist (3) Play Audio
9/17/2023 Rev. Tom He To God be Glory in the Church Play Audio
9/10/2023 Rev. Tom He Comprehend Christ’s Love Play Audio
9/3/2023 Elder Tony Ng Overcoming Pride Play Audio
8/27/2023 Rev. Paul Shen Enlarge the Tent and Stretch out the tent Curtains Not Available
8/20/2023 Pastor Shim Passion for Saving Souls Play Audio
8/13/2023 Rev. Tom He The Manifold Wisdom of God Play Audio
8/6/2023 Rev. Tom He In One Body Play Audio
7/30/2023 Rev. Tom He The Church Shows God’s Grace Play Audio
7/23/2023 Elder David Lee Footsteps of the Antichrist (2) Play Audio
7/16/2023 Rev. Tom He 3 Things You Must Know Play Audio
7/9/2023 Elder David Wu Miss Things from Above Play Audio
7/2/2023 Rev. Tom He Know Him Better Play Audio
6/25/2023 Rev. Tom He Glorious Inheritance Play Audio
6/18/2023 Rev. Tom He Praise be to God Play Audio
6/11/2023 Rev. Tom He The Will of God Play Audio
6/4/2023 Elder Tony Ng Fear of Men or Fear of God Play Audio
5/28/2023 Rev. Tom He Check Our Foundation Play Audio
5/21/2023 Elder David Lee Footsteps of the Antichrist (1) Play Audio
5/14/2023 Rev. Tom He Mother’s Love Play Audio
5/7/2023 Rev. Tom He The Cross Not Available
4/30/2023 Pastor Liu The DNA of Jesus Christ Play Audio
4/23/2023 Elder David Wu Great High Priest Play Audio
4/16/2023 Rev. Tom He Self-Denial Play Audio
4/9/2023 Rev. Tom He Start All Over Again Play Audio
4/2/2023 Rev. Tom He Watch and Pray Play Audio
3/26/2023 Rev. Tom He A Beautiful Thing Play Audio
3/19/2023 Elder David Lee Purpose of God’s Creation & Our Existence Play Audio
3/12/2023 Rev. Tom He Be on Guard, Be Alert Play Audio
3/5/2023 Rev. Tom He Steward’s Responsibilities (2) Play Audio
2/26/2023 Rev. Tom He Steward’s Responsibilities Play Audio
2/19/2023 Elder Tony Ng Walking by the Spirit Play Audio
2/12/2023 Elder David Wu Rooted and Built Up Play Audio
2/5/2023 Rev. Tom He Jesus Entered the Temple Play Audio
1/29/2023 Rev. Tom He What Do You Want Me to Do for You? Play Audio
1/22/2023 Elder David Lee God’s Revelations to Mankind Play Audio
1/15/2023 Rev. Tom He The Little Children, A Rich Man, Jesus and I Play Audio
1/8/2023 Rev. Tom He “One-Fleshed” Discipleship Play Audio
1/1/2023 Rev. Tom He Serving the Lord with Humility Play Audio
12/25/2022 Rev. Tom He Abide in Christ III – Abide in Christ’s Love Play Audio
12/18/2022 Rev. Tom He Abide in Christ II – Bear Fruit Play Audio
12/11/2022 Elder David Wu Separate the Godly for God Play Audio
12/4/2022 Elder Tony Ng Seeking the Will of God Play Audio
11/27/2022 Rev. Tom He Abide in Christ Play Audio
11/20/2022 Elder David Lee Numbering Our Days Play Audio
11/13/2022 Rev. Michael Lin Giving Thanks for the Bible Play Audio
11/6/2022 Elder David Sheu Am I My Brother’s Keeper? Play Audio
10/30/2022 Elder Tony Ng Four Kinds of Soil Play Audio
10/23/2022 Brother Godwin Sun Knowing Christ as the Goal Play Video
10/16/2022 Rev. Luke Wong Living Fully for God Play Audio
10/9/2022 Minister Liu Yang and sister Shen Ying Worlds Apart Play Audio
10/2/2022 Rev. Tom He Suffering First, Glory After Play Audio
9/25/2022 Elder David Lee Eat From the Tree of Life Play Audio
9/18/2022 Rev. Tom He People Seek the Bread of Heaven for Living Play Audio
9/11/2022 Elder Tony Ng Serving One Another Play Audio
9/4/2022 Rev. Tom He Clean or Unclean? Play Audio
8/28/2022 Rev. Tom He You Give Them Something to Eat Play Audio
8/21/2022 Pastor Timothy Rhee Waste Play Audio
8/14/2022 Rev. Tom He Pay the Price and Follow Jesus Play Audio
8/7/2022 Rev. Tom He A Father Who Was Not Absent Play Audio
7/31/2022 Elder David Lee Spiritual Diet and Maturity Play Audio
7/24/2022 Rev. Tom He The Power of the Lord Play Audio
7/17/2022 Elder David Wu Spiritual Battle Play Audio
7/10/2022 Rev. Tom He Jesus’s Warning to Fruitlessness Play Audio
7/3/2022 Rev. Tom He Who are the Disciples of Jesus? Play Audio
6/26/2022 Rev. Tom He Courage and Persistence Play Audio
6/19/2022 Rev. Tom He To Give or To Receive Play Audio
6/12/2022 Elder David Lee Substitutionary Atonement Play Audio
6/5/2022 Pastor Zheng Lixin God’s Heart for Generations Play Audio
6/4/2022 Pastor Zheng Lixin Saving the Next Generation Play Audio
5/29/2022 Rev. Tom He Call and Response Play Audio
5/22/2022 Elder Tony Ng Vessel for Noble Use Play Audio
5/15/2022 Elder David Lee Chosen by God Play Audio
5/8/2022 Rev. Tom He The Desert Play Audio
5/1/2022 Rev. Tom He The Beginning of the Gospel Play Audio
4/24/2022 Elder David Wu Church is the Pillar and Ground of the Truth Play Audio
4/17/2022 Rev. Tom He A New Beginning Play Audio
4/10/2022 Rev. Luke Wong How to Live in an Inadequate World Play Audio
4/3/2022 Brother Quon Kwan Philemon – Doctrine of Freedom Play Audio
3/27/2022 Elder David Lee Assurance of Salvation (2) Play Audio
3/20/2022 Elder Tony Ng He must Increase, but I must
Play Audio
3/13/2022 Rev. Tom He Stephen Encountered the Lord Not Available
3/6/2022 Rev. Tom He Two Criminals Encountered the Lord Play Audio
2/27/2022 Rev. Tom He Two Disciples Encountered God Play Audio
2/20/2022 Rev. Tom He Encounter God Play Audio
2/13/2022 Elder David Lee Assurance of Salvation [1] Play Audio
2/6/2022 Rev. Tom He The Heartbeat of Martha Play Audio
1/30/2022 Brother Quon Kwan Habakkuk’s Journey of Faith Play Audio
1/23/2022 Rev. Tom He Because of Lazarus Play Audio
1/16/2022 Rev. Tom He Only One Thing is Needed Play Audio
1/9/2022 Elder David Wu Return to God Play Audio
1/2/2022 Rev. Tom He Remembering God Play Audio
12/26/2021 Rev. Tom He Prepare to Meet Your God Play Audio
12/19/2021 Elder Tony Ng Grace of God Through Boaz Play Audio
12/12/2021 Rev. Tom He Gospel of Grace Play Audio
12/5/2021 Minister Wayne Jau Heart of Prayer Play Audio
11/28/2021 Elder David Lee The Three Tenses of Salvation Play Audio
11/21/2021 Rev. Tom He Give Thanks Play Audio
11/14/2021 Elder David Wu Adoption as Sons Play Audio
11/7/2021 Rev. Tom He It is Finished Play Audio
10/31/2021 Rev. Tom He To Build Up the Church of Unity Play Audio
10/24/2021 Rev. Tom He Let’s Return to the Lord Play Audio
10/17/2021 Rev. Tom He Praying in One Accord Play Audio
10/10/2021 Rev. Michael Lin Past, Present, Future Play Audio
10/3/2021 Rev. Tom He Spiritual Companions Play Audio
9/26/2021 Elder David Lee Conversion (2) – Saving Faith Play Audio
9/19/2021 Pastor Timothy Rhee The Great Commission and the Great Promise Play Audio
9/12/2021 Elder Tony Ng Transformations in Nature Play Audio
9/5/2021 Rev. Tom He Unloved Play Audio
8/29/2021 Rev. Tom He A Wrestling Champion Play Audio
8/22/2021 Rev. Tom He Remove Idols Play Audio
8/15/2021 Elder David Lee Conversion (1) – Repentence Play Audio
8/8/2021 Rev. Tom He The Sin of Jeroboam Play Audio
8/1/2021 Rev. Tom He Who is the Key Figure? Play Audio
7/25/2021 Elder David Wu The Mystery of God’s Will Play Audio
7/18/2021 Rev. Luke Wong The Missionary who Never Was Play Audio
7/11/2021 Rev. Tom He Relying on the Holy Spirit Play Audio
7/4/2021 Rev. Tom He Therefore, Go Play Audio
6/27/2021 Rev. Michael Lin The Challenge of the Church Play Audio
6/20/2021 Elder David Lee The Mysteries, Misconceptions & the Truth of Regeneration Play Audio
6/13/2021 Rev. Tom He A Fruitful Life Play Audio
6/6/2021 Rev. Tom He The Fruit of Repentance Play Audio
5/30/2021 Rev. Tom He Bear Much Good Fruit Play Audio
5/23/2021 Elder Tony Ng Six Woes of Wild Grapes Play Audio
5/16/2021 Elder David Wu Jabez Play Audio
5/9/2021 Rev. Tom He The Fruit of Lips Play Audio
5/2/2021 Rev. Tom He Fruit of the Spirit Play Audio
4/25/2021 Rev. Tom He The Days of the Son of Man Play Audio
4/18/2021 Elder David Lee God Came Down With a Big Message Play Audio
4/11/2021 Rev. Tom He We Have to Celebrate and Be Glad Play Audio
4/4/2021 Rev. Tom He The Last Hours (2) Play Audio
3/28/2021 Rev. Tom He The Last Hours (1) Play Audio
3/21/2021 Elder Tony Ng Seeking God in a Dry and Weary Land Play Audio
3/14/2021 Rev. Tom He Follow Jesus Play Audio
3/7/2021 Rev. Tom He Run the Race Together Play Audio
2/28/2021 Rev. Tom He Imperishable Seed Play Audio
2/21/2021 Elder David Wu Road to Sanctification Play Audio
2/14/2021 Rev. Tom He True Worship (5) Play Audio
2/7/2021 Rev. Tom He True Worship (4) Play Audio
1/31/2021 Elder David Lee El Shaddai Play Audio
1/24/2021 Rev. Luke Wong Portrait of an Alien Play Audio
1/17/2021 Rev. Tom He True Worship (3) Play Audio
1/10/2021 Rev. Tom He True Worship (2) Play Audio
1/3/2021 Rev. Tom He True Worship (1) Play Audio
12/27/2020 Brother Yung-Hwi Tuan The Most Important Event in 2020 Play Audio
12/20/2020 Rev. Tom He Fear the LORD and Avoid Evil Play Audio
12/13/2020 Elder David Lee Parousia & Judgments Play Audio
12/6/2020 Rev. Tom He Fear the Lord But Not Man Play Audio
11/29/2020 Rev. Tom He The Main Focus in Paul’s Life Play Audio
11/22/2020 Rev. Tom He Christ Alone Play Audio
11/15/2020 Elder David Wu Be Still and Wait on God Play Audio
11/8/2020 Rev. Tom He In Christ Play Audio
11/1/2020 Rev. Tom He Treasures in Jars of Clay Play Audio
10/25/2020 Elder David Lee Day of Reckoning Play Audio
10/18/2020 Rev. Tom He The Surpassing Greatness Play Audio
10/11/2020 Rev. Paul Shen The End of All Things is Near Play Audio
10/4/2020 Rev. Tom He The Kingdom of Heaven is Like Treasure Play Audio
9/27/2020 Pastor John Enoch – the Walk of Faith Play Audio
9/20/2020 Elder David Lee Be Watchful and Ready Play Audio
9/13/2020 Rev. Tom He Expansion of the Kingdom of Heaven Play Audio
9/6/2020 Elder Zhang Are You Living Like a Fool? Play Audio
8/30/2020 Rev. Tom He Wheat and Tares Play Audio
8/23/2020 Elder Tony Ng God of Mercy Play Audio
8/16/2020 Rev. Tom He A Parable of the Kingdom of Heaven Play Audio
8/9/2020 Rev. Tom He Send disciples
8/2/2020 Rev. Tom He Lord, if You are Willing Play Audio
7/26/2020 Elder David Lee Rapture or Tribulation Play Audio
7/19/2020 Rev. Tom He People of Heaven and Politics on Earth
7/12/2020 Rev. Tom He The Life of the Heavenly Citizens Play Audio
7/5/2020 Rev. Tom He Experiences of the citizens in the Kingdom of Heaven(2) Play Audio
6/28/2020 Elder David Lee Israel, God’s Time Clock for Christ’s Return Play Audio
6/21/2020 Rev. Tom He Experiences of the citizens in the Kingdom of Heaven (1) Play Audio
6/14/2020 Rev. Tom He Enter and Seize the Kingdom of Heaven Play Audio
6/7/2020 Rev. Sam Waldron The Name of God Play Audio
5/31/2020 Elder Tony Ng Trust vs Fear Play Audio
5/24/2020 Rev. Tom He My Lord Play Audio
5/10/2020 Elder David Lee The 2nd Coming of Christ Play Audio
5/3/2020 Rev. Tom He Jehovah is Our Hope Play Audio
4/26/2020 Rev. Tom He The Name of the Eternal God Play Audio
4/19/2020 Rev. Tom He The Name of Jehovah Play Audio
4/12/2020 Rev. Tom He The Gospel of Forgiveness Play Audio
4/5/2020 Rev. Tom He True Repentance Play Audio
3/29/2020 Elder David Lee Faith that Transecends Calamity Play Audio
3/22/2020 Rev. Tom He Separation and Reconciliation Play Audio
3/15/2020 Rev. Tom He Seek First His Kingdom and Hist Righteousness Play Audio
3/8/2020 Rev. Tom He Are You Ready Play Audio
3/1/2020 Rev. Tom He Open Our Eyes So We May See LORD Play Audio
2/23/2020 Elder Tony Ng Who Am I Play Audio
2/16/2020 Rev. Tom He A Task Paul Personally Handled Twice Play Audio
2/9/2020 Rev. Tom He All the Israelites had light in the places where they lived Play Audio
2/2/2020 Rev. Tom He Stop and Plague Play Audio
1/26/2020 Elder David Lee Shekinah Glory Play Audio
1/19/2020 Rev. Tom He Covenant Love Play Audio
1/12/2020 Rev. Tom He Dwelling Among Us Play Audio
1/5/2020 Rev. Tom He The World Became Flesh Not Available
12/29/2019 Elder Tony Ng Worry About Nothing Play Audio
12/22/2019 Rev. Tom He The One Who Saw the Salvation Play Audio
12/15/2019 Elder David Lee Feeding on the Bread of Life Play Audio
12/8/2019 Rev. Tom He Do Not be Anxious for Anything Play Audio
12/1/2019 Rev. Tom He Give Thanks in Everything and Testimonies Play Audio
11/24/2019 Rev. Tom He Feast Play Audio
11/17/2019 Elder David Lee Feeding of the 5,000 – Then & Now Play Audio
11/10/2019 Rev. Tom He The End of All Things is Near Play Audio
11/3/2019 Rev. Tom He Spiritual Gifts Play Audio
10/27/2019 Rev. Michael Lin Challenge of the Church Play Audio
10/20/2019 Elder Tony Ng Three Angry Men Play Audio